Present Simple: fixed events on a timetable or a calendar

eg. The conference starts at 9am on Monday.

Present Continuous: future arrangements

eg. I’m playing tennis with Anna on Saturday afternoon.

Be going to: personal plan or intention/ prediction based on present evidence

eg. I’m going to give up smoking.

Look at those clouds. It’s going to rain.

Will: prediction based on personal opinion

eg. I think she’ll move to Brighton.

Future Continuous: something that will be in progress at a time in the future/ something unplanned that will happen in the normal course of events

eg. This time tomorrow we’ll be lying on a beach in Spain!

I’ll be walking past the shops on my way home, so I can get it for you.

Future Perfect: something that will be completed before a certain time in the future

eg. By the end of this month we will have spent $5000 on equipment.

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