Introductory ‘it’ as subject:

– If the subject of the verb is long and grammatically complex, we often put it at the end of the clause or sentence and use ‘it’ as the subject of the verb at the beginning of the clause or sentence.

eg. That thousands of people missed out on voting is outrageous.

—> It’s outrageous that thousands of people missed out on voting.

– We can use a number of structures with introductory ‘it’ as subject:

It + verb:

+ adjective + (that): It’s obvious that…

+ (not) + noun + (that): It’s not an issue that…

+ adjective + infinitive with to: It’s fascinating to see…

+ that clause: It appears that not drinking enough water can severely damage your health.

+ object + infinitive with to + that: It shocked her to find out that she was pregnant.

Introductory ‘it’ as object:

-We often use ‘it’ as the object of a verb where ‘it’ refers to a clause later in the sentence.

eg. I like it that my boyfriend appreciates the simple things in life.

We can use these structures with introductory ‘it’ as object:

…verb + it:

+ when: I prefer it when it’s cold.

+ adjective + infinitive with to: I find it easy to learn languages.


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