In statements the verb usually follows the subject:

eg. He doesn’t like sushi.

Sometimes we invert the subject and verb so that the verb comes before the subject.

We use inversion:

– after so, neither, nor

eg. I have to start work at 9am. So do I.

– in the phrases Here comes/come + noun and There goes/go + noun

eg. Here come the police!

– in question tags

eg. You studied law, didn’t you?

We do not invert:

– in embedded questions within questions

eg. Where is the station? —> Do you know where the station is?

– in embedded questions within sentences

eg.What’s her family like? —> It’s hard to imagine what her family’s like.

– when we use a question word to introduce a relative clause in certain phrases

eg. I don’t know what his problem is.

– in indirect speech

eg. Are you going to the party tonight? —> He asked me if I was going to the party tonight.

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